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    How To Care For Your Canvas Art Prints

    How To Care For Your Canvas Art Prints

    With correct care and handling, your canvas print can last years and years. Here are a number of tips about taking care of your canvas print.

    Recommendations to Follow:

    • Avoid displaying your print in direct fluorescent lighting or where the sun shines on it for long periods of time. The sun and fluorescent lights each emit UV light that may fade and harm prints over time.
    • Don’t show your print wherever air pollutants, heat and high wetness are often of concern. Kitchens, bathrooms, or heat sources like forced air vents and radiators ought to be avoided.
    • If you want to handle the print, don’t place pressure on the image while doing so if it’s framed. Canvas is material and can stretch or tear if care isn’t taken. Make sure to always hold onto framed edges where it’s reinforced.
    • Dust your print with a soft duster or fabric on a regular basis to prevent any dust buildup which can accumulate and make cleaning without damaging the canvas more difficult in the future. If necessary, gently wipe your print with a soft fabric that has been slightly dampened with water.
    • Never use chemicals to wash your print. Your print has been treated with a UV protecting coating that may break down if cleansed chemically.
    • Canvas has to breath, therefore don’t store prints in airtight containers made of plastic or behind glass for long periods of time. Doing so could cause moisture to become stuck inside, damaging the image. Canvas experiences tiny, delicate shifts over time thanks to gentle atmospheric changes, therefore it is best to show them in an area that has a natural flow of air.